Recipes and Ramblings From a Mostly Healthy Foodie

Welcome to Peanut Butter & Jargon! Here you’ll find simple feel good food from a nutritionist’s kitchen in Cleveland, Ohio. We aim to feed you well and keep you happy, so while we serve up plenty of healthy wholesome dishes for everyday, we never say never to anything. Because what’s life without a little indulgence?

The blogger

I’m Carolyn and I have a thing for food. Cooking is my favorite pastime. Photographing food is my latest addiction. Food is also my livelihood. I’m a registered dietitian with a very realistic food philosophy. I love vegetables as much as I love chocolate and eat them both regularly.  I don’t deny myself anything. I appreciate wholesome food that tastes good. On a busy night, I also appreciate take-out and frozen pizza. I believe a little butter never hurt anyone, which is why you’ll see it on occasion here. I also believe in living a healthy life by eating right and moving often while still enjoying my favorite indulgences along the way.

The critic

Meet Kyle. He’s the live-in food critic (aka the husband). He’s brutally honest. But I deal with it because he eats his vegetables (usually), appreciates tasty healthy food and puts up with my camera addiction. He enjoys whiskey neat, rock climbing, really bad action flicks and long walks on the beach. I think he’s pretty terrific.


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