Don’t knock it

January 17, 2010

Salmon Croquettes

I’m about to go where I’ve never gone before. It involves salmon. Um, well, it involves salmon from a shelf stable pouch. (I implore you to keep reading; this has a happy ending.) About a week ago I spotted a recipe for salmon croquettes which I tore out and tucked into my bulging “to make” folder. Earlier this week I was attempting to plan a few nights’ dinner menus and pulled out the salmon recipe (which I could not get out of my head) to complete my grocery list. And then I saw it. Something I hadn’t noticed before. Listed among the panko breadcrumbs and seasonings was this: 2 6-oz pouches of boneless salmon. Quel horreur! Why does pouched (or canned, for that matter) salmon give me the heebee jeebees? Tuna in a pouch is no problem. We are on very good terms. In fact, we meet for lunch about twice a week. But salmon in a pouch? Something about it seemed illegal.
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